Best Gaming Headsets for PC

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The best gaming headphones for PC!

Ahh! The sound of clear and uninterrupted music!

Music has always been an essential part of life! And I believe it is the same for most people who spend countless hours with their headphones on or other audio devices.
Since we know how important ones listening experience can be, we have launched an all-new gaming headset that is just as ideal for listening to music as it is for gaming

We have listed a few important characteristics of our headphones so that you get a fair idea of what you'll be paying for if you decide to purchase our headphones.

Match digi’s all-new gaming USB headphones are unarguably one of the most efficient and affordable headphones in the market. These headphones come with a USB Jack.

A USB jack enables the headphones to extract more power and thus performs more efficiently than other 3.5mm jacks. 

And the significant part about these headsets is that their noise cancellation feature and 3D surround sound feature make it easy for you to ignore all the unwanted noise, even those negative comments….. It enables users to hear every detail of the music, or even when it's game. You can know where your enemies are.

Sensitivity measures a speaker's capacity to convert electrical power into a sound signal supplied to the speaker that results in clear sound without distortion. The higher the sensitivity, the higher the efficiency of headphones and the higher the sound. Higher sensitivity ensures more extraordinary performance without much electricity.
Match’s Headphones offer a sensitivity of
108dB ± 2dB which lets the user experience the best sound.

Drivers are also another important component while considering which headphones to buy, a larger driver produces stronger sound waves. Match's Headphones have a 40 mm driver unit for crisp and clear sound.

The wire control design is designed for convenient wiring control. Keep your headphones with mic free of tangles. The 2m long cable provides access to the Gaming headphones from a longer distance.

It is the susceptible mic that passes precise and noiseless commands or information. Match's Headphones come with a high sensitivity microphone 428dB ± 2dB that lets you deliver messages without any distortion.

You can also coordinate with your colleagues clearly and complete the assigned tasks comfortably due to the 120 degree rotatable mic. 

The mic also has a volume control option where you can level up the volume when the background noise clouds your concentration.

Match Headphones’ padded headsets and earcups will undoubtedly make it comfortable for you to have them on your head for more than 8 hrs.

 Now keep binge-watching and enter the world of thrill and adventure!

We hope this article will help you in making an optimum choice among a pool of USB headphones available in the market.

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