The Best 4G Router with Sim Card

The Best 4G Router With Sim Card!!

Did the internet die again? That too, after fixing the finest 4G Router! Well, maybe it is time now to replace your old 4G wireless router with an upgraded Match LB-Link 4G Router with sim card.

Now, all 4G Routers come with the 4G Wireless Module. It means they support "wireless" or mobile technology, along with high reception sensitivity. Then what makes this particular Router one of the best 4G Router?

Match LB-Link Router comes at a reasonable price with a SIM Card Slot. Router catches the signals from the cell towers in the vicinity, producing more reliable wireless signals, making it a Customer Premises Equipment or CPE Router.

In other words, a pre-built LTE Broadband Modem is present in this 4G Router with SIM Card. Also, all 4G Routers get charged according to the consumer's cellular plan.

It is also a 300mbps Router which ensures faster downloading speed as it supports various types of LTE & WCDMA. LTE-TDD: B34/B39/B40/B41 WCDMA:B1/B5/B8.

There are few things in a 4g router that must be checked before buying it:

  • Number of antennas: Higher the number of antennas, wider the coverage it provides. So dBi and the number of antennas matter a lot in any router specially in a 4G router. This Match LB-Link 4G Router has 4*5dBi high gain antennas which give 5000sq Ft. coverage.

So with this range this wireless router could be the best suit for home and offices.

  • Speed: The speed that is shown by the sellers is the maximum speed. So, normally the router gives 60-70% of the mentioned speed. So in 300Mbps router it provided a downlink speed up to 150Mbps and uplink speed up to 50Mbps, when connected with WAN port.
The speed in a 4g router also depends on the cellular network provider which is normally lower than the LAN or WAN.
  • Maximum Connected Devices: The maximum connections that can connect to a router at the same time, is an important factor. This Match LB-Link 4G Router can connect to 32 devices simultaneously. The number of devices has been keep low as the number of connections affects the speed. In simple words, the if the devices increase, speed decreases.
  • Compatibility: The 4G router must be compatible with the all ISPs just like this BL-CPE450H Router. This Match LB-Link 4G router is Compatible with the majority of mobile operators and supports 4G/3G LTE:-FDD B1/B3/B5/B8. It supports all SIMs and ISPs like Jio, Airtel, VI, BSNL, etc.
  • There are several more features which should keep noted:

Easy to Expand:  Match LB-Link 4g router with sim card is built with WLAN functions which make it easy to expand a wireless network.

Safety Measures: This 4g router takes care of your privacy and prevents loiter networks and also ensures multi wireless safety.

Management Support: The 4G LTE Multi-WAN router supports web page management and network traffic statistics. Now keep an eye on who is accessing your wi-fi and control over your users.

  • Installation: In few routers, the installation process seems so difficult. But in case of this 4G router you have to just insert your nano sim card and rock on!!

No configuration is required!!

One more feature that stand it out as the best 4G router that it has smart-switch between WAN Port and Sim Card. In simple words, suppose the WAN connection becomes slower than the router will auto-switch the network to sim card and when the WAN connection restores, it will automatically switch to WAN. It means there will be no disruptions in your work, meeting, gaming, surfing, and video streaming.


So, why delay? Immediately, bring to your homes, workplaces, or shared neighbourhoods the modern, stylish and compact BL-CPE450H, 300mbps, Match LB Link Router!