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Match LB-Link

USB Gaming Headsets with RGB LED Lights

USB Gaming Headsets with RGB LED Lights

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MATCH Gaming Headphones with Mic and RGB LED Lights


MATCH's Gaming Headsets with mic & RGB LED Lights. It gives a 40mm HD driver, a Noise-cancelling Omni-directional mic, Oversized soft Earcup Design with stretchable headbands for extreme comfort.


Feel the battleground with these immersive gaming headsets. Put on these Gaming headsets and immerse yourself in your games like never before, loaded with 40mm drivers these headsets deliver crystal clear audio with balanced sound signature across all levels allowing you to hear better with full spatial awareness so you can have that extra edge over the competition.

Powerful 40mm HD driver: Enhanced 40mm speakers deliver precise audio for a crystal clear gaming experience and to ensure you hear all sounds with pinpoint accuracy.

Bass Impact: Bass Impact converts low-frequency bass tones into pulses around the earpads letting you feel gaming vibes. With these USB headphones, you cannot miss the footsteps of the enemy. 

Next-Level Comfort: These Gaming headphones adopt a steel frame headband with strong expansibility and a super soft and breathable braided headband, which can perfectly fit all kinds of head forms and disperse the force points. The headband does not feel uncomfortable even after prolonged play. The self-adjusting ski goggle headband perfectly contours to your head

Omnidirectional Foldable Microphone: The omnidirectional microphone with a noise-cancelling function can be adjusted to your preference. Match USB Headphones with mic is ergonomically designed so you can be heard in relatively noisy environments without having to repeat yourself. 
The unidirectional noise cancellation boom microphone is highly receptive and transmits your voice clearly even in a noisy environment.

Oversized Earcup Design: Optimized earpads guarantees hours of comfort and isolate external noises. Ears are completely covered by soft and breathable leatherette earmuffs that isolate noises effectively and allow for long gaming sessions without fatigue.

RGB Visual Illumination: True RGB engineered to provide stunning illumination lighting and vibration effects. The cups of these gaming headphones with mic have RGB lights that are well diffused to give you a subtle glow causing no hindrance to your teammates sitting next to you. Multicolour breathing lighting provides you with unique lighting effects while playing your favourite games and gives that unique style factor.
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