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Match LB- Link

High Gain Smart Wireless N Repeater cum Router

High Gain Smart Wireless N Repeater cum Router

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Match LB-Link High Gain Smart Wireless N Repeater cum Router


The BL-WR450D is a multifunctional device that improves your home or office Wi-Fi. It offers fast internet speeds, is easy to set up, and has different modes to fit various networking needs.

 High Speed Performance:

  • Enjoy a seamless internet experience with 300Mbps wireless speed, perfect for HD video streaming and other interruption-sensitive applications.

 Guest Network:

  • Enhance your network security by providing separate access for guests, ensuring your home network remains secure.

Convenient WPS Button:

  • Easily secure your wireless network with the push of a WPS button, simplifying the process of encryption.

Flexible Operation Modes:

  • Router Mode: Connect to the Ethernet to create a private wireless network and share internet access with all your Wi-Fi devices.
  • Repeater Mode: Boost your existing wireless coverage, making it ideal for extending network range throughout your home. It is compatible with other brands' WiFi routers for comprehensive coverage.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup: Quick and hassle-free installation process.
  • 4-in-One Mode: Versatile device offering Router, Repeater, and other modes.
  • 300Mbps High Speed: Provides fast and reliable internet speed.
  • 2 High Gain Antennas: Ensures wider and stronger signal coverage.
  • Guest Network: Offers secure, separate access for guests.
  • WPS: Simplifies wireless security encryption with one-touch setup.

With the BL-WR450D, you can easily enhance your wireless network’s performance and coverage, ensuring a smooth and secure internet experience for all your devices.

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