Mediaconverter10-100 of match LB-link

Media converter 10/100

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Media Converter-10/100 | Match LB-Link



Match LB-Link's 10/100 Media Converter enables you to link fibre optic cable to twisted pair for supporting ethernet-compatible devices.

Main Features:

  • Support optional light path failure monitoring function, report switch network management
  • Support hot swaps
  • Support IEEE802.10
  • Support SPANNING TREE structure fault-tolerant network-
  • Automatic full-duplex and half-duplex conversion
  • Active adopted four layers circuit structure, stable work, smooth data transmission, the anti-interference ability
  • With the German Siemens surface welding assembly lines processing
  • Average trouble-free usage of more than 50000 hours, accord with standard telecommunication level operation



Technical Specification
                    100 BaseFX
Band Width IEEE802.3,802.3u,802.3x
RJ 45 Port 10/100 BaseT(X) 10/100/1000 Base T(X)
Wavelength 850nm/1310nm/1550nm
Fibre Port 100BaseFX
Optical Fibre
                   100 BaseFX
Multi-Mode Single-Mode
Distance 2km, 1310nm 25km, 1310nm
Max  -20dBm -10dBm
Min -14dBm -3dBm
Sensitivity <-18dBm <-30dBm
Power Requirements and Environmental Limits
Input Voltage 5V
Power 5W
Operating Temperature  -20 ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature  -40-+85°C
Ambient Relative Humidity 5-95% (non-condensing)
Other Details
Internal power supply With 2 RJ-45 External power supply With 4 RJ-45
Dimensions (mm) 94x70x25 140x110x30 215x110x30
Weight(g) 148 400 666
Out carton Dimensions(mm) 240x120x58 230x160x70 295x175x95
Out carton Weight(g) 396 685 1055







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